Equal Rights Movements

African-American Civil Rights Movement – 1960’s

African Americans were brought here as slaves.

African-Americans couldn’t live with their own families—forced to live with plantation owners or slave owners.

African-Americans were denied a basic education.

African-Americans could not own land and could not vote.

African-Americans were judged by the color of their skin.

Women’s Movement – 1970’s

Women were denied an education.

Women could not vote until 1920.

Women could not own land or property in their own name.

Women didn’t have access to the same jobs and same pay as men.

Disability Rights Movement – ADA passed in 1990

People with disabilities were often separated from their families.

People with disabilities were forced to live in large institutions and other group living situations.

People with disabilities typically did not vote due to attitudinal, administrative, and physical barriers.

Many people with disabilities were denied an education until 1975. People with disabilities were placed in sheltered employment and paid for piecework.

People with disabilities were seen as sick, inferior, and to be pitied, not capable of making their own decisions, and judged by their disability, not by their abilities and contributions.